Thursday, 15 May 2014

Ode(ssa) to Peace!

"Joy, beautiful sparkle of the gods,
Daughter of Elysium,
We enter, fire-drunk,
Heavenly one, your shrine.
Your magics bind again
What custom's sword has partef.
Beggars become princes' brothers.
Where your tender wing lingers."

Sometimes I wonder whether poetry and politics have more in common than the first to letters. 
Poetry, to me, is the art of approaching the unexpressible. It can be the purest way of verbalizing
ideas, feelings, hopes. It can bridge the abyss between minds, hearts, cultures, nations. 
It also can be empty words arranged in a fancy way. 
Politics ends up beeing the latter way too often.
The problem is that empty poetry doesn't do much harm, whereas empty politics does.  
I don't want to write political posts - at least not in this overt, blunt way. 
I would like my posts to be an inspiration for the readers - not rhetoric as usual.
So how come I am doing this anyway?
Because I hope...
for the people of Odessa - a city with over 100 different ethnicities...
 that they can live in Peace as they did before...
for Ukraine  the 2nd largest country in Europe...
 that it can proceed onto the path of Freedom...
for Europe, Russia and the whole World...
 that "beggars become princes' brothers"!

I believe that small acts, like this post, can contribute to broader awareness,
higher sensitivity, and hopefully to a better tomorrow.
That's why I ask you to dedicate 5 minutes of your time to take a look at this:

 Care & Share!
"Escape the tyrants’ chains,
Generosity also to the villain,
Hope upon the deathbeds,
Mercy from the high court!
The dead, too, shall live!
Brothers, drink and chime in,
All sinners shall be forgiven,
And hell shall be no more."- Friedrich Schiller, Ode to Joy 1785

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