Monday, 12 May 2014

The life span of a snail can reach up to 25 years - this makes me feel old.
Then again I am not a snail although my speed of acting might at times suggest differently.
Nevertheless snails and I have three things in common which are not only interesting for the (aspiring) zoologists out there:

Sure, no big news so far - but what did you expect anyway?

The point is, both me, my wife and our slimy little relatives are here for some reason (thank you mum and dad!). We all are going to stop breathing one day. And in between we are part of a big adventure called "life". So far so good. The difference between my wife and the snail is that she knows about "life" whereas it simply lives.

Still nothing too exciting in here?!
Well guys, let me say it straightforward: my wife and I would like to be an active part of this adventure -
or at least believe that we are. So why don't you just stop by once in a while?
We'll share our thoughts, our life and you can do the same.
That's all there is - I guess.

Snail.Over.And Out.

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