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It's nice to write a blog together - but it rarely works if two people try to write the same post. Let us both speak for him/herself then:

Aithne: I'd say we're two crazy people - just not necessarily in the way you'd think of when you hear this word. We're crazy enough to try to enjoy life, to believe it's a gift and to try to see as much beauty in it as we can. Some people consider us childish - which means we're not calculating, not worrying about serious stuff and we never waste an opportunity for a good laugh. Other see us as boring - and sure, if you define 'interesting' as meeting dozens of people every day and partying hard then we're probably the most boring people on Earth. We don't like big crowds and we're way happier when we can spend an evening at home, watching a movie or reading books about Japanese philosophy. Basically, we can be quite geek ^^.

We strongly believe in universal love and some better society, based on some other principles than the present one. For now we just try to live according to our personal commandments :). We're both vegetarian, volunteering in two NPO organisations, living slowly and peacefully, buying very few things (well, maybe except for food and kitchen equipment). We're not really active part of the Slow movement - although I've always been charmed by the idea - but I think we'd match the 'requirements' quite well ;).

I'm originally Polish and have lived in Poland for the first 23 years of my life. As a Japanology student I've spent a year in Japan, where I've met my current husband. Since mid 2013 we live together in Germany and I'm trying my best to find my place in here.

I'm a bit fixated on the 'healthy living' idea. I prefer cooking stuff over buying it in a shop (great improvement for a person who three years ago believed all sauces come from Knorr packages...), I read a lot about non-colourful cosmetics, recently I'm also in love with knitting and can't wait to replace my acrylic clothes with woollen or cotton ones. I even stopped drinking my beloved black tea for the sake of better iron absorption...

What kind of posts can you expect from me? Well, hard to predict. I'd gladly continue writing about movies and books (have been doing it already for some time in Polish...), share our culinary successes, from time to time I'll probably write simply about stuff which is important to me at the time. And if I ever knit anything proper, you can be sure I'm going to share this one as well.

One important thing: I'm not and will never be English, so please forgive me any mistakes I make :).

Aniel Bedouin: Well folks, what can I add to those true lines above?!

Maybe only that I am born in Russia, moved to Germany when I was 6 and have been enjoying (and sometimes struggling with) my life for over 20 years since then. I'm still studying and learning - the former at my university, the latter in everyday ("everymoment"?!) life. I love my wife and have a strong inclination of feeling the same for human kind as a whole. As for my posts on this blog: expect the unexpectable - just don't expect too much :)
Love to you all.

Aithne & Aniel

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